Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Want your picture taken? edited? want your mate in there with you? Well I'm here to let you know that I'd love to take your pics...no charge...not ever. I do it for the joy. I will tell you the pictures will go on my blog showcasing the furry life of sl as well as furaffinity. I'm new to the furry life but am diving in head and paws first.

Here is my fa account link

and flickr

and my blog

I hope you'll join in my furry adventure and let me take pics of your amazing avis

Elmo "Pocky" Zeplin

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Book worm Hunt

 cute little reading tent for your yard with animation. great textures as well and then the basket is another gift
 reading corner set. cute animations working in the foot stool :)
 lots of poses in this...love it
 single and couple poses in this cute tree stump
 lovely book shelf
 kids room reading bean bag and adorable shelf

 Reading stump with flowers :P
 cute desk with writing animation
 nice reading rug

 nice boots :D
 another cute reading corner
 reading log with couple animations
Ok...so here's a few of the wonderful things you get from the book worm hunt. Ill be posting more later. If you would like to do this hunt please go here Book worm hunt.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shape: [OMEN] my personal...but she does sell and make custom ones
Skin: .ILLUSORY.Skin_Paige_Dark - (Staind A4) (db) pictured
Hair: +*HS*+ Hair ::AGES:: black pictured
Eyes: [Plastik] VaeColl.://Macabre- part of hunt gift
Tattoo(s): top- Depraved Dealers - Endless Pain Tattoos - Sweet lil sin
Shirt: top-*MUKA* Dirty Love
pants:>>Trapt<< Hunt Of The Living Dead Prize (womens bloody shredded blue jeans)
Belt: [atomic] music belt
Leg Warmers: Kyoot - Knit Legwarmers (Dark Cozy Pack) (black shown)
Shoes: INDI Designs - Baldini 2 Shoes beige (TOSL)
Necklace: Cobrahive - Sabishinju Necklace BLACK
Bracelets: PV #11-[Acide!] Skull Bracelet 
Piercings:  Cobrahive - Gauged - Black/Silver (chin)
Ring: watermelon ring pop

Welp, here we are again! clothes...one of my many addictions. i hope u enjoy the look...im to tired to post a lot lol

<3 E[L]MO

Friday, September 23, 2011

Right so I did not expect this Alphabet Challenge to get semi-difficult this early in!!! Today I was going through my inventory trying to find an outfit for this weeks letter C. Well little did I know that I would find a millllllllion outftits that could be used for the Letter C. It took me over 3 hours to finally come up with an outfit because they all looked so good :(. I tried on dresses, and skirts, pants, tops, shrugs and everything you can think of. Finally to my avail I said NO MORE!

This is the outfit that I came up with, I do hope you all enjoy. Also if you would like to try the Alphabet Challenge, since we are only in week 3 you don't have much catching up to do, the website is located here :). So now that I am done rambling on lets get to the style card!

Style Card:

Pants: *COCO* Loose Style Denim - Midnight

Necklace & Earrings: *LOULOU&CO* Crazy Coco - Purple

Mouth: [S] Durex Love in Mouth

Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Cattitude Kitty Inspired Tattoo Eye Makeup - Russian Blue

Eyes: [Plastik] Lionheart Bloodless Eyes Collection - Calm

Skin: Curio :GP: Sundust [Dark] Ice Queen - Charcoal 1

Top: Sakide Classy Lines Top - Red

Hair: CaTwA Hadeya Hair - Chocolate

Shoes: Chelley's Patsy Red Sparkle Shoes

Ring: Chop Zuey - Daisy Daisy Ring

Toxic LOTD

OMFG! like HAI!! *waves all hyper like* Welcome back to muh craziness.Soooooo...today i hopped on over to MIEL . This store is amazing! the styles, the textures they use...so great. Below i shall share the epicness of my well spent L::::
Also..i forgot to tell you about the amazingness:: Jacket and shoes from MIEL..color/word/size changeable with HUD...sooo many options ((of course i had to blast myself ;) ))

Shape: [OMEN] -This is my custom shape but she does sell others ;)
Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Dark - Stained A4
Hair: .+*HS*+. Hair ::RARK:: Crow
Eyes: [Plastik]VaeColl.://Macabre (part of hunt gift)
Tattoo(s): top- Depraved Dealers - Endless Pain Tattoos "Sweet lil sin"
    - (also pictured  :Little Pricks: Spinal Tap (female tattoo shown only)
Shirt: top- *MUKA* SideBoobish Black
Skirt: ~Pepper~ Groupgift (( Admiral spicy special gift ))
Belt: ~Pepper~ Summer Belt - Stripes
Piercings: Cobrahive - Gauged - Black/Silver (chin)
Necklace: Cobrahive - Sabishinju Necklace (M) BLACK
Ring: Watermelon lolli pop ring (my sweet Hubby got it on the market)
Finger tape: Luck Inc. Finger Tapes w/ nails

Welp...there you have it. You now know where i got everything. Now other tales...I had a great day! I got to spend time with friends and my Hubby >3! I DJ'd tonight at Two of a kind dyke/femme bar. Always a blast with my sisser face Hope as my hosty! OH! so i did a little piccy magic of my Hubby and I...time for show and tell ;)

Now that I look back...It seems yellow is the color of the day. This is my amazing talented Hubby (topless) i get the pleasure of seeing this for another 363 days...can we say mutha effin happeh face! i think we can (yes i realize i did...shh keep reading) **Insert shameless plug here** no...really click it..It will take you to Hys blog. lol

ok...im to tired for more so...GNIGHT MOON
<3 E[L]MO